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Silver Handicrafts & Furniture
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Pushpa India Furniture is a solely export oriented company involved in exporting Indian Art and Handicrafts like Silver Article. Our global span of business and expertise of our team gives us the unique ability to understand our customers need and satisfy them with excellence.

The USP of Pushpa Silver Furniture-It gives the feeling of Royal Family treatment in the New Era.

"The Floral designs , with the touch of floating leaves are engraved on  each section of the wooden product by the worlds finest Pushpa Artists and on it the Pure Silver Sheet  has been pasted with the flow of engraving of realistic  hand made designs ,which  offers the worlds beautiful creations."


The technical processes is same as those employed in ancient periods silver furniture for palaces interior design. All decorative Silver work was originally executed first with wooden hammer for inlaying and then chasing, embossing, engraving with steel hammer and various punch tools for final finishing in various floral designs and decorative motifs.

The Silver furniture are made with various designs and style, like Victorian, Regency and Anglo-Indian or Indian ethnic style palace furniture. Silver Furniture are mainly available as Silver chairs, Silver coffee tables, Silver consol tables, Silver sofa sets, Silver swings, Silver tables, Silver temples, Silver jewelry boxes, Silver boxes, Silver statues, Silver bar stools, Silver cutlery, Silver dining sets & Silver dining tables, Silver Arm chairs, Silver day beds, Silver couches, Silver thrones, Silver Foot Pad, Silver Low seat Sofa set, Silver Love-Seat Chairs.